Do you have endless questions on your infant's development?

We have answers.

Trying to find the right information to promote your baby's development is hard.

Unless you have education and support from an infant specialist!

Are you unsure of what to do when your baby hates tummy time?

Do you want to know what to expect from your infant at each month so you aren't constantly worried "is my baby behind?"

Do you want to know how to play with your baby without having to sort through 1001 activities you find on the internet?

Do you want to feel prepared for when baby comes, so you can focus on spending quality time instead of frantically searching for answers to your questions?

Are you concerned about your baby's development, and have been told to "wait and see" if it improves? But do you disagree and want to help your baby right away?

As a pediatric physical therapist, I can answer all these questions and more to make you fully prepared to parent your infant.

Your baby deserves to THRIVE, and you deserve the education to know how to support your infant.

Imagine if...

  • You knew exactly how to play with your baby at each age, without buying any expensive equipment!

  • You understood how to prevent common issues like flat head syndrome, tightness, and developmental delays in your baby!

  • You had peace of mind, knowing you are doing exactly what you need to do as a caregiver to promote baby's development!

These dreams can become your reality.

How? Take my comprehensive antenatal online course taught by a specialized pediatric physical therapist.

Why do all parents (and babies) need this course?

Baby needs your help to develop key skills that build on each other during the first 6 months.

If a baby falls behind in one area, that can slow the development of future skills, potentially causing delays in many areas.

Babies rely on their parents to provide the correct opportunities to learn so that they can reach their full potential. As parents, we are responsible to teach our baby how to grow and learn in every area. 

Unfortunately, there is too much incorrect information that is constantly thrown at us daily, making it extremely difficult to know how to promote our baby’s development and prevent delays.

By taking this course, you will learn essential tips and tricks you can do from the start to prevent delays and difficulties, so that you can give your baby their best start!

"I wish I had known all this sooner!"

- Kristin, First time mom

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Complete Guide: How to Buy for Baby

    • The Complete Guide: How to Buy for Baby

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  • 3

    0 - 2 months - Milestones and Activities

    • 8 essential skills

    • First, give baby some space to learn

    • Tummy Time

    • Tummy time with a newborn

    • How to position baby on tummy

    • Different ways to do tummy time

    • Side-lying, Lying on back

    • 2 month old - Lying on back

    • Rolling

    • Rolling back to tummy

    • Rolling back to tummy

    • Rolling tummy to back

    • Rolling tummy to back

    • Pull to sit

    • Pull to sit

    • Supported sit

    • How to hold baby in supported sitting

    • Supported Stand

    • Fine motor and visual tracking

    • How to promote vision: tracking toys & faces

    • Visual tracking on tummy too!

    • Vision - What to expect at 2 months

    • Grasping toys and hands to mouth

    • Hands together

    • FLAGS - 2 month old

  • 4

    Yoga Ball Activities

    • Tummy: Newborn to Toddler

    • Tummy: Another position for Caregiver

    • 4 month old: Tummy on Ball

    • Lying on Back: Improve Feeding and Tummy Time

    • 4 month old: Lying on Back on Ball

    • Sitting: Newborn to Toddler

    • Great Opportunity to Engage!

    • 4 month old: Sitting on Ball

    • Small Yoga Ball

  • 5

    The Truth about Containers, Flat Head Syndrome, and Torticollis (head tilt)

    • Equipment to avoid

    • Why baby should NEVER sleep in an inclined container

    • Fisher Price Rock 'N Play RECALLED

    • What could I use instead?

    • But what about if baby is awake?

    • Flat head and head tilt

    • Screening for asymmetries

  • 6

    3-4 months - Milestones and Activities

    • Tummy time

    • Tummy time - reaching

    • Tummy time - reaching

    • Tummy time - reaching

    • Lying on back

    • Rolling, back to tummy

    • Roll back to tummy

    • Roll back to tummy

    • Roll back to tummy - Try this toy placement

    • Rolling, tummy to back

    • Baby rolling tummy to back

    • Baby rolling tummy to back

    • Pull to sit

    • Pull to sit from shoulders

    • Pull to Sit from hands

    • Supported sit

    • Supported sit with pillows

    • Baby Sitting

    • Sit with elevated surface

    • Help Baby Sit Upright

    • Supported stand

    • Supported standing

    • Fine motor

    • Baby grasping toys, bringing to mouth

    • Equipment to avoid

    • FLAGS - 4 month old

  • 7

    5-6 months - Milestones and Activities

    • Example of play space

    • Tummy time

    • 6 month old: Tummy time

    • 6 month old: Pivoting

    • Lying on back and pull to sit

    • 6 month old: Pull to sit

    • Rolling

    • Rolling

    • Sitting

    • 6 month old: Sitting

    • Sitting in box

    • Supported stand

    • Fine motor

    • 6 month old: Fine motor

    • 6 month old: "Raking" to pick up small items

    • Equipment to avoid

    • How to adjust a play seat

    • FLAGS - 6 month old

  • 8

    Know When to Ask for Help

    • Just a re-cap on when to refer!

    • Flags

  • 9

    Postpartum Depression/Anxiety - What is it and do you have it?

    • What is it?

    • Do I have it?

    • Screening tool

    • Who do I call?

  • 10

    Downloadable Resources

    • Resources

    • Resources - downloadable

  • 11

    Thank you!

    • Join our Private Facebook Group!

    • Thank you and references

    • Survey

  • 12

    FREE Access to Heart to Heart: Become a Confident Baby Wearer

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What you'll learn in this amazing course...

  • Understand all the physical milestones from 0-6 months, why they are essential, and easy activities to promote them.

  • Know the 8 essential skill areas that your baby needs to master: tummy time, side lying, lying on back, rolling, sitting, fine motor, visual motor, and supported standing.

  • Teach baby to love tummy time! Learn why it is important, when to start, and how to position baby at each age.

  • Understand how spending time in containers can affect your baby's development and how to utilize them safely.

  • Learn how to prevent flat head syndrome and tight neck through positioning and play to prevent deformities and delays.

  • Learn why a yoga ball is the best tool to promote baby's development at any age, and how to use it with your infant.

  • Know who and when to call if you have concerns about your baby's development in any area.

This comprehensive course includes...

Unlimited course access for 9 monthsDownloadable resources on infant developmentWritten, audio, and visual instructionTons of Bonus Content!

Bonus Content Included with this Course

Expert Baby Registry Guide 

Stop spending endless amounts of time (and money!) searching the internet for the best baby products being promoted by commercial interests. Learn the truth from pediatric experts about what baby actually needs during those first 6 months of life to support (and not hinder) healthy development.

This guide will save you hundreds to thousands of $$$ on expensive baby equipment you don't need.

Parent Support Group 

Not only can you ask us as many questions as you want, as often as you want - but in this private support group we will also give you a safe place to connect with other moms who can relate. This is not just another mommy group with thousands of unqualified members giving advice.

Quality and Timely Parental Support = PRICELESS

Baby Wearing Course 

Also get FREE access to our newest mini-course, Heart to Heart: Become a Confident Baby Wearer!  Baby wearing has a multitude of benefits for both caregivers and baby, and we want you to know how to do it safely and comfortably.

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Meet the expert

Gina Mydlo, Pediatric Physical Therapist

Hey parents! I specialize in treating young infants and their families, and am often in a family's home days or weeks after delivery. I am an expert in showing parents how they can easily help their baby love tummy time, roll over, manipulate toys, learn to sit, and so much more. My unique approach includes a comprehensive and holistic view of your infant so you can rest assured that you are doing everything you need to do as a parent to give your infant their best start.

"By taking these courses, you will gain confidence and peace of mind as a parent. You will have questions answered, you will reduce your worry, and you will feel empowered in your role as a parent"

Confidently give your infant Their Best Start.

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