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Baby's Best Start:

Mastering the Essentials of Infant Feeding and Sleeping

Become a confident parent by discovering everything you need to know about your infant's feeding and sleeping skills, and transform your infant into a healthy, thriving baby!

This course includes...

Unlimited course access for 9 monthsDownloadable resources on sleep and feedingWritten, audio, and video instruction Free registry guide and access to private support group

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Complete Guide: How to Buy for Baby

    • The Complete Guide: How to Buy for Baby

  • 2

    Downloadable Resources for Sleep, Feeding, and More

    • Resources for Sleep, Feeding, and More

    • Daily Schedule

  • 4

    Transform Baby into an Expert Feeder

    • Infant Feeding

    • Nipple Selection and Feeding Positioning

    • Correct Latch vs. Incorrect Latch

    • Feeding in Sidelying

    • Positioning Baby in Sidelying

    • Choosing the Right Bottle

  • 5

    Understand the Basics of Breastfeeding

    • Breastfeeding

  • 6

    Know What Pacifiers to Use (or not!)

    • Learn the different kinds of pacifiers

    • Pacifiers: Learn sizes, how to get baby to take one, and how to use as a strengthening tool

  • 7

    Learn Correct Pump Use and When to Seek Help

    • How to use a breast pump correctly

    • Cold or hot compress

    • Pain or pinching? Get pump help.

    • Where and When to get help pumping

  • 8

    The Truth about Tongue Tie

    • Tongue Tie

    • More than just a release

  • 9

    Chiropractic Care - Is it Helpful for Infants?

    • Chiropractic care

  • 10

    Prepare your Baby for Solid Feedings

    • Preparing for Solids

    • Rod-shaped teethers to mouth

    • How to use a rod-shaped teether

  • 11

    The Secrets to Getting Baby to Learn to LOVE to Sleep

    • Our Views on Infant Sleep

    • Quality of Sleep and Resources

    • Typical Sleep Needs

    • 5 Steps to Get Baby to Love to Sleep. Step 1: Awake Time

    • 2. Give Opportunity

    • 3. Set Up Environment

    • Two essentials to setting up baby's sleep environment

    • 4. Pickup/Put Down and Pat to Sleep

    • Pickup/Put Down and Pat to Sleep demonstration

    • 5. Stay Consistent

    • Let's put it into practice!

    • Example of Sleep Cues

    • Example of Hunger Cues

    • Common Issues: The 45 minute nap

    • Common Issues: How do I handle sleep regressions?

    • Common medical issues that may be impacting sleep

  • 12

    Everything You Need to Know about Swaddling - How, What, When, Why

    • Why Swaddle?

    • How to swaddle - Prevent Hip Dysplasia

    • How to Swaddle Baby for Feeds

    • How to Swaddle Baby for Sleep

    • Store-bought Swaddle Sacks and Blankets

    • How to Use the Halo® Sleepsack®

    • How to Use the SwaddleMe

    • How to Use the Woombie

    • When to Transition

    • How to Wrap for Transition

  • 13

    Stretching and Massage - Improve Latch, Promote Motor Skills, and Get Rid of Gas, the Natural Way!

    • The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

    • Stretching Guidelines

    • Leg Stretches

    • Bicycle Kicks

    • Knees to Chest

    • Rotation Stretches

    • Lower Trunk Rotation - Instructions

    • Bicycle kicks and Lower trunk rotation - 6 week old

    • Upper Trunk Rotation

    • Upper trunk rotation - 6 week old

    • Upper trunk rotation - 4 month old

    • Upper Trunk Bending

    • Upper trunk bend - 6 week old

    • Upper trunk bend - 4 month old

    • Carrying Stretch

    • Neck Extension

    • Neck extension over pillow

    • Neck extension over arm/leg

    • Neck extension over towel roll

    • Neck extension over yoga ball

    • Shoulder stretches

    • Shoulder Stretches - Instructions

    • Shoulder stretches - 6 week old

    • Shoulder stretches - 4 month old in sitting

    • I Love U Massage

    • I Love U Massage

    • How often?

  • 14

    Thank you and References

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    • Survey

    • References

Don't wait to learn essential infant-parenting skills.

Your future self (and baby) will thank you.

If you're feeling overwhelmed...

this course is for you.

Are you struggling to get your infant to sleep, and to stay asleep?

Are you exhausted by sleepless nights?

Does your baby spit up after every feed, have reflux, or is constantly gassy?

Does your baby have colic? Is he crying frequently and always seems uncomfortable?

Are you expecting, and want to do everything you can to be prepared for baby?

With this course, you'll be able to:

  • Have a plan to teach baby how to get enough sleep, that is flexible enough to work with your family's routine and beliefs.

  • Know how to promote healthy sleeping and feeding skills to make baby comfortable, calm and thriving.

  • Have peace of mind, knowing you are doing exactly what you need to do as a parent to promote baby's development?

Gain the peace of mind that comes with confident parenting.

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Why do all parents (and babies) need this course?

Feeding and sleeping are the building blocks of infant development.

 Baby must have successful feeding and sleeping skills to be able to thrive in every area of development.

If your baby has difficulty eating, you will often see issues with sleeping, gross motor development, and even their temperament. The same goes with sleeping. If your baby is having trouble sleeping, they will be too fatigued and disorganized to focus on eating well and achieving their motor skills. 

Not only is this frustrating for your baby, but as a parent, it is extremely stressful (and expensive) to experience these difficulties. By taking this course, you will not only learn how to get baby to eat and sleep well, but you will do it with confidence.


Confidently give your infant Their Best Start.

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Bonus Content Included with this Course

Expert Baby Registry Guide & Parent Support Group

Stop spending endless amounts of time (and money!) searching the internet for the best baby products being promoted by commercial interests. Learn the truth from pediatric experts about what baby actually needs during those first 6 months of life to support (and not hinder) healthy development.

We are experienced therapists, here to answer your questions and help you navigate through the jungle of information that you are exposed to daily. We will support you in your journey through motherhood, and empower you with confidence. 

Not only can you ask us as many questions as you want, as often as you want - but this group will also give you a safe place to connect with other moms who can relate. This is not just another mommy group with thousands of unqualified members giving advice.