Raising a newborn can be stressful, unless you have the right support.

You've come to the right place!

Are you expecting a baby or do you have an infant at home?

Let experts help you navigate those exciting, yet overwhelming first months!

There's so much to know when it comes to raising a baby, and the number of resources available to you (especially on social media) can actually seem more confusing than helpful.

Maybe you've taken a delivery course or a basic newborn care course.

But have you been given any education on infant feeding and sleeping development?

As pediatric therapists, we think you deserve quality education about your infant’s feeding and sleeping skills so that you can make informed decisions, know how to prevent common issues, and feel empowered as a parent!

 If any of these sound like you, know that you are NOT alone and we can help!

Are you exhausted by sleepless nights, struggling to get your infant to sleep and to stay asleep?

Do you have a million questions about breast/bottle feeding?

Does your baby spit up after every feed, have reflux, is gassy, or trouble feeding?

Does your baby have colic? Is he crying frequently and always seems uncomfortable?

Are you expecting, and want to be properly educated so you can be prepared for baby?

You and your baby don't have to struggle through this stage. There are so many things we can teach you to get baby feeding and sleeping well so that they can progress through those essential milestones!

Why do all parents (and babies) need this course?

Feeding and sleeping are the building blocks of infant development.

 Baby must have successful feeding and sleeping skills to THRIVE!

If your baby has difficulty eating, you will often see issues with sleeping, motor development, and even temperament. 

The same goes with sleeping. If your baby is having trouble sleeping, they will be too fatigued to eat and progress their motor skills.

Not only is this stressful for your baby, but as a parent, it is extremely frustrating (and expensive) to experience these difficulties and resultant delays. 

When trying to "fix" these issues, parents and other professionals often overlook a critical component to promoting successful eating and sleeping skills - the baby's physical body and nervous system!

But in Baby's Best Start, you'll get a comprehensive education that teaches you how all of these skills are intricately connected and how tuning into your baby's body can be the key to success.

By taking this course, you will not only learn how to get baby to eat and sleep well, but you will do it with confidence


There's so much to know about your baby, it can seem overwhelming. But we make it simple!

Take the only comprehensive antenatal online course taught by pediatric physical, speech, and lactation specialists.

After taking this course...

  • You'll walk away with complete confidence in knowing how to feed your infant (with focus on the bottle, which is not always covered in lactation courses).

  • You'll have a full understanding of infant sleep, and you'll know exactly what to do to create healthy sleep habits from day one (no matter where your baby sleeps).

  • You'll look at your baby's body in a whole new way. You'll feel confident touching, moving, and stretching your baby so that they can stay cool, calm, and flexible. This is necessary if you want your baby to feed and sleep well.

"I was so overwhelmed with what books and resources to read, until I found Their Best Start. This course laid out everything so nicely and I am so much less stressed now that I know how to feed and get my baby to sleep!"

-Kristin, First time mom

Don't wait to learn essential infant-parenting skills.

Your future self (and baby) will thank you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Complete Guide: How to Buy for Baby

    • The Complete Guide: How to Buy for Baby

  • 2

    Downloadable Resources for Sleep, Feeding, and More

    • Resources for Sleep, Feeding, and More

    • Daily Routines

    • Join our Private Support Group

  • 4

    Transform Baby into an Expert Feeder

    • Infant Feeding

    • Mechanics of Feeding

    • Nipple Selection and Feeding Positioning

    • Correct Latch vs. Incorrect Latch

    • Feeding in Sidelying

    • Positioning Baby in Sidelying

    • Choosing the Right Bottle

  • 5

    Understand the Basics of Breastfeeding

    • Breastfeeding

    • Position for Baby

    • Position for Mom

    • How to Latch

    • Proper Latch

    • Proper Latch - video

    • How to Find 1 on 1 Support

  • 6

    Know What Pacifiers to Use (or not!)

    • Does Baby HAVE to use a Pacifier?

    • Learn the different kinds of pacifiers

    • Pacifiers: Learn sizes, how to get baby to take one, and how to use as a strengthening tool

    • When to Wean from Pacifier

  • 7

    Learn Correct Pump Use and When to Seek Help

    • How to use a breast pump correctly

    • Cold or hot compress

    • Pain or pinching? Get pump help.

    • Where and When to get help pumping

  • 8

    The Truth about Tongue Tie

    • Tongue Tie

    • More than just a release

  • 9

    Chiropractic Care - Is it Helpful for Infants?

    • Chiropractic care

  • 10

    Prepare your Baby for Solid Feedings

    • Preparing for Solids

    • Rod-shaped teethers to mouth

    • How to use a rod-shaped teether

  • 11

    The Secrets to Getting Baby to Learn to LOVE to Sleep

    • Our Views on Infant Sleep

    • Safe Sleep Discussion - Co-sleep and Crib Sleep

    • Baby should NEVER sleep in an inclined container - Why?

    • Quality of Sleep and Resources

    • Typical Sleep Needs

    • 5 Steps to Get Baby to Love to Sleep. Step 1: Awake Time

    • 2. Give Opportunity

    • 3. Set Up Environment

    • Two essentials to setting up baby's sleep environment

    • 4. Co-regulation

    • Pickup/Put Down and Pat to Sleep demonstration

    • 5. Stay Consistent

    • Let's put it into practice and Common Issues

    • Example of Sleep Cues

    • Example of Hunger Cues

    • Common Issues: The 45 minute nap

    • Common Issues: How do I handle sleep regressions?

  • 12

    Common Feeding and Sleeping Issues - DO NOT SKIP THIS SECTION!

    • Common, but NOT Normal

  • 13

    Everything You Need to Know about Swaddling - How, What, When, Why

    • To Swaddle or Not

    • Swaddle for Feeds?

    • How to swaddle - Prevent Hip Dysplasia

    • How to Swaddle Baby for Sleep

    • How to Swaddle Baby for Feeds

    • Store-bought Swaddle Sacks and Blankets

    • How to Use the Woombie

    • How to Use the Halo® Sleepsack®

    • How to Use the SwaddleMe

    • When to Transition

    • How to Wrap for Transition

    • How to Integrate the Moro Reflex

    • Activity to Integrate the Moro Reflex

    • Yoga Ball to Integrate the Moro Reflex

  • 14

    Stretching and Massage - Improve Latch, Promote Motor Skills, and Get Rid of Gas, the Natural Way!

    • The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

    • Stretching Guidelines

    • Leg Stretches

    • Bicycle Kicks

    • Knees to Chest

    • Rotation Stretches

    • Lower Trunk Rotation - Instructions

    • Bicycle kicks and Lower trunk rotation - 6 week old

    • Upper Trunk Rotation

    • Upper trunk rotation - 6 week old

    • Upper trunk rotation - 4 month old

    • Upper Trunk Bending

    • Upper trunk bend - 6 week old

    • Upper trunk bend - 4 month old

    • Carrying Stretch

    • Neck Extension

    • Neck extension over pillow

    • Neck extension over arm/leg

    • Neck extension over towel roll

    • Neck extension over yoga ball

    • Shoulder stretches

    • Shoulder Stretches - Instructions

    • Shoulder stretches - 6 week old

    • Shoulder stretches - 4 month old in sitting

    • I Love U Massage

    • I Love U Massage

    • How often?

  • 15

    Thank you and References

    • Join our Facebook group!

    • Survey

    • References

  • 16

    FREE Access to Heart to Heart: Become a Confident Baby Wearer

    • FREE Access to Heart to Heart - Use this Coupon Code

What you'll learn in this amazing course...

  • Learn our easy to implement 5 step process to getting your baby to LOVE to sleep! No crying it out here.

  • Prevent common feeding issues like reflux, gassiness, colic, bottle aversion, and overeating.

  • Learn which bottle is best for baby and how to correctly position baby for bottle and breastfeeding to promote the best latch and successful feeding skills.

  • Understand if, when, how, and why it is appropriate to swaddle baby safely to aid in feeding and sleeping.

  • Learn simple and effective stretches and positions to improve baby's feeding, sleeping, and motor skills as well as calm baby's nervous system. ​

  • Reduce parental stress by understanding the interwoven relationship between your baby's feeding and sleeping skills to understand your baby's cues with confidence.

  • ...and so much more!

This course includes...

Unlimited course access for 9 months
Downloadable resources on sleep and feedingWritten, audio, and video instruction Bonus Content!

Bonus Content Included with this Course

Expert Baby Registry Guide 

Stop spending endless amounts of time (and money!) searching the internet for the best baby products being promoted by commercial interests. Learn the truth from pediatric experts about what baby actually needs to support (and not hinder) healthy development.

Save $100's to $1000's on expensive baby equipment you don't need.

Parent Support Group 

Not only can you ask us as many questions as you want, as often as you want - but in this private support group we will also give you a safe place to connect with other moms who can relate. This is not just another mommy group with thousands of unqualified members giving advice.

Quality and Timely Parental Support = PRICELESS

Baby Wearing Course 

Also get FREE access to our newest mini-course, Heart to Heart: Become a Confident Baby Wearer!  Baby wearing has a multitude of benefits for both caregivers and baby, and we want you to know how to do it safely and comfortably.

Why wait?

With all these bonuses, you won't have to look anywhere else for education and support!

"By taking these courses, you will gain confidence and peace of mind as a parent. You will have questions answered, you will reduce your worry, and you will feel empowered in your role as a parent"

Meet the experts

Gina Mydlo, Pediatric Physical Therapist

I specialize in treating young infants and their families, and am often in a family's home days or weeks after delivery. I have a unique holistic approach of looking at the WHOLE child and I know how infant feeding, sleeping, and motor skills all closely interact with each other. Not only can I help your baby with their motor skills like tummy time and rolling, but I can also help you get your infant sleeping and feeding well by addressing their body alignment and positioning!

Laura Pierce, Pediatric Speech Therapist and Lactation Consultant

I have an extensive background and specialty in treating infant feeding. With my double credentials in both pediatric speech therapy and lactation consulting, I am uniquely qualified to address any situation - whether it be breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tube feedings, or solid feedings. Like my sister, Gina, I take pride in having a comprehensive view of the child, and can turn you into the expert when it comes to feeding your infant.

Confidently give your infant Their Best Start.

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