Motor Skills: Birth to 6 months

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Motor Skills: Birth to 6 months


by all the conflicting information and baby items on the market?

Have you bought everything at the store that claims it is beneficial to baby, and now your house is completely littered with baby items you don’t even know how to use or how they help you or your baby? You may have prepared for the delivery by taking a birthing class, but how much do you really know about infant development, and what to do when baby comes? Are you reading books, asking friends, reading blogs on the internet trying to find answers to your questions? Hoping someone will give you the answer you need, but you just keep getting conflicting information?
This class will answer all your questions!

Why do you need this course?

Baby develops at an amazingly fast rate and needs YOU to help them develop all of their skills.

There are many motor skills that baby is expected to develop, and those skills build on each other. So if a baby is missing a skill, that can affect other skills later on, potentially causing delays. As a therapist who works with children under 3, I am often getting referrals for babies who are having difficulties with skills like sitting, crawling, and walking, or have other common issues like flat head or a tight neck. Instead of the common advice "wait and see", I believe that therapy should be implemented right away to keep the child on track. Therapists have basic tips and tricks that parents can do from the start to prevent these delays or difficulties – and that’s what I am going to show you in this class!

Learn to master these essential skills...

  • Understand what typical development looks like throughout baby's first 6 months

  • Know exactly what to do at each age to support baby's motor skills, including: tummy time, rolling, pulling to sit, sitting, reaching and grasping, visual motor skills, and more!

  • Know when to start tummy time, understand why it is important, and how you can position baby on their tummy appropriately for each age.

  • Understand how spending time in containers - bouncy seats, car seats, play seats...etc - can affect your baby's development, and know exactly which ones are safe to use and when.

  • Recognize what a tight neck and flat head looks like in baby, and know how to prevent this through positioning and play.

  • Understand how babywearing can positively influence both you and baby. Learn about all the different styles of wraps and carriers so you can feel more confident choosing one for your family.

  • Develop a plan to screen yourself for postpartum depression and anxiety, and also know exactly what steps to take if you suspect you or a loved one are exhibiting signs.

  • Learn exactly when and who to call if you have concerns about your baby in any area of development.

Can't I just get this information from books or the internet?

There is too much conflicting information in books and internet from unqualified professionals.

These days, it is all too easy to search the internet, blogs, or mom's groups for guidance and answers to your questions on these important topics. However, you can't trust that the person giving you advice is qualified to give you the correct information. Pediatric therapists spend years studying infant development and we spend all of our time working with and coaching families to help them with even the most challenging issues. This course is taught by pediatric physical therapist, Gina Mydlo. With my expertise, you can trust that I will give you the most comprehensive approach to infant development, all wrapped up in one convenient course that you can take at home, at your own pace.

Prevention is key.

It is much easier to prevent issues before they start.

As a therapist, I am typically called in AFTER there is a problem or concern with the child; but I am here to change that. There is so much confusing and FALSE information that the media, baby stores, marketers, bloggers, and advertises are telling moms, which make it much harder to parent. Stores have too much equipment and toys that claim they promote development, and try to convince you their product is best. Any good therapist knows how to read past false advertisement, and I want YOU to be able to do that too. I want you to be able to know what is truly best for your baby, and how to promote it in your own home without any fancy equipment or expensive toys.

How much would it mean to you if...

  • You never had to spend any more countless hours searching the internet or reading books, only to find conflicting answers to your questions?

  • You could confidently walk into a store and know exactly what kind of baby item is going to be best, without doing extensive research beforehand?

  • You had peace of mind, knowing you are doing exactly what you need to do as a caregiver to promote baby's development?

You deserve to be CONFIDENT

Baby just needs YOU, and YOU need to be educated on infant development so you can properly support your child. You could prevent issues before they even start, so that you can spend more time doing what you really want, which is snuggling with your sweet baby! CONFIDENCE as a parent can be so powerful; it can reduce your anxiety around parenting, it can free up time that you would normally spend worrying or researching, and it will put your mind at ease. This class can give that to you. So please, give your baby the best gift, which is YOUR BEST, CONFIDENT SELF.
Yes, I want to become a confident parent!
You deserve to be CONFIDENT

Common questions answered in this class:

  • I registered for a bouncy seat, swing, activity mat, playseat, and exersaucer because I heard babies like them. Are these all safe for baby to use?

  • I want to make sure my baby stays on track with their development. What kinds of things should I do with my baby to encourage appropriate skills?

  • My baby sleeps in a bouncy seat or swing, is this safe? Will it impact their development?

  • I've heard of babies needing helmets because they develop a "flat head". How can I prevent this in my baby?

  • I keep hearing how important tummy time is. But how often should baby do it? And when should they start?

  • I'm interested in baby-wearing, but there are so many options and it seems complicated. I don't know where to start.

  • My well-meaning family and friends keep giving me conflicting suggestions. And then I find all different kinds of advice on the internet. Where can I find accurate information on baby's development?


Free membership to our private Facebook group!

  • Confident Parents - Motor Skills Facebook Group

    With the purchase of this course, you will get FREE access to our private Facebook group! This group is administered and moderated by course creator and physical therapist - Gina Mydlo. Through this group, you will be supported throughout your baby's first year of life, with relation to your baby's physical motor skills and other special topics as addressed in this online course. Gina knows that even after taking this course, you may need clarification on certain topics, and she strives to provide you with answers and guidance that you seek. This type of support is PRICELESS, and we are giving it to you for FREE!

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  • How long do I have access to the information once I purchase this course?

    You will have access to this course for 6 months. There PDF documents that I have included that you can download and keep indefinitely.

  • How long will this course take me to watch?

    There is approximately 4 hours of content in this course.

  • Do I have to watch it all in one sitting, or can I stop and come back to it?

    You can watch it at your own pace! You can stop it and restart at a later time. You can also re-watch sections or videos as many times as you want, as long as it is within 6 months of purchase.

  • What if I don't finish the course in 6 months, or want access to some information after the 6 months?

    We are here to help and support you in any way we can. If there is a reason you can't finish in 6 months - just email us and we will come up with a solution. And by participating in our private Facebook group, we can help you access any information you need, even after the 6 month period.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with this course?

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied with the course for any reason, just let us know and we will refund you.


Kristin Lammert

First-time Mom

Kristin Lammert

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this class. I wish I could recommend every expectant mom to take this course while they wait and prepare for baby. I read a lot of books to prepare for my first baby, but I oftentimes found conflicting information. Before my daughter arrived, I read books, searched online, and talked with friends and family, but this course by far gave me the most useful and applicable information that I used daily. I felt so confident applying the strategies and suggestions from Gina because her expertise makes her extremely knowledgeable and a reliable source of information! I am so grateful for the confidence she brought to me as a first time parent. I also love the approach she takes with newborns and infants - she is proactive instead of reactive. Why wait until there is a problem or a notable delay? Gina has all the insights into things to watch out for so you can detect early on if your little one needs some extra help. Thank you Gina for the ENDLESS help you have been for Claire. From answering my questions, helping me tweak things to help Claire progress, and giving us a plethora of useful information, we couldn't have done it without you!
Kristen Dawson

"I feel so much more confident"

Kristen Dawson

I wish I had access to this class with my first baby!! I am so grateful for the skills, knowledge, and support that Gina was able to provide. I feel so much more confident in my ability to facilitate the growth and development of my girls! She is so encouraging and offers so many specific activities and milestones (who knew kneeling, spinning, and pointing were milestones?!). I cannot recommend this class enough! By taking this class, you will gain confidence and peace of mind as a parent. You will have questions answered, you will reduce your worry, and you will feel empowered in your role as a parent!
Kelly Oliver

Expecting mommy

Kelly Oliver

"I am an expecting mom due in a few weeks, and took the Beyond the Delivery:0-6 month class recently. It was an awesome class with really valuable information about milestones and things to look out for. I also learned a lot of specific things related to items on my registry like the right bottles, container usage (swings/bouncers/rocknplays), and baby wearing with slings or carriers. I definitely made some adjustments to my registry after the class! I am getting ready to review all my notes in preparation for baby, and feel a lot more prepared having taken this class. Highly recommended! "
Courtney Andrus, Physician's assistant

Overwhelmed to Confident

Courtney Andrus, Physician's assistant

"Their Best Start: Support for Child Development offers essential information about child development and safety in a practical, well-designed course instructed by pediatric therapists (who are also experienced moms!) As a new mom, I was overwhelmed by the amount of infant products available on the market. Their Best Start provided me with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the baby aisles and know which items to actually buy. Their Best Start also provided me with useful tips for promoting age-appropriate developmental milestones. I highly recommend Their Best Start for any expectant parent or caregiver. "
Grace Ert

"inclusive regarding different parenting styles"

Grace Ert

I wish I had found this resource before I had a baby, and actually before I registered for baby gifts. I found the equipment they suggested to be most helpful. I felt I could trust Gina and Laura because of their background, experience, and balanced approach. They were also less judgemental and more inclusive regarding different parenting styles than basically any baby book I've ever read. They have been helpful beyond class, responding promptly when baby issues came up or when I needed to make another purchase. I'm very grateful!
Shelby Neuner

"Prepared me for motherhood!"

Shelby Neuner

"I strongly recommend this class to new moms! My husband and I took these classes prior to having our first baby. I was nervous about taking care of an infant and these classes gave me the tools to feel confident. Sleeping, feeding, development and the best baby products on the market were covered. Gina and Laura are so knowledgeable on these topics and answered all of my questions. I’m so glad I took these classes because it better prepared me for motherhood!"


  • Gina Mydlo

    Pediatric Physical Therapist

    Gina Mydlo

    I am a pediatric physical therapist based in St. Louis, who specializes in treating children ages 0-3 through Missouri's early intervention program. I help teach children how to roll, sit, crawl, stand, walk, and I help promote the best posture during daily activities like feeding, sitting, and standing. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my husband and son! While I have been a pediatric therapist longer than a mother, my son is the one who has taught me the most about relating to children and families, and how physical function impacts every part of daily living. Not every parent has a background or specialty in infant development, but every parent should have ACCESS to this information. I have spent years studying and practicing what I preach, so let me give you some tips and tricks that will make a big difference in your (and your baby’s) life!

Course curriculum

  • 2
    0 - 2 months
    • Tummy Time FREE PREVIEW
    • Tummy time 0-2 month
    • Side-lying, Lying on back
    • Lying on back
    • Rolling
    • Rolling back to tummy
    • Rolling tummy to back
    • Pull to sit
    • Pull to sit
    • Supported sit
    • Supported Stand
    • Fine motor and visual tracking
  • 3
    Container Use
    • Equipment to avoid
    • Fisher Price Rock 'N Play RECALLED
    • What could I use instead?
    • Flat head and head tilt
  • 4
    Baby Wearing
    • Baby Carriers
  • 5
    3-4 months
    • Tummy time
    • Tummy time - reaching
    • Tummy time - reaching
    • Lying on back
    • Rolling, back to tummy
    • Roll back to tummy
    • Rolling, tummy to back
    • Rolling tummy to back
    • Pull to sit
    • Pull to sit
    • Supported sit
    • Supported sit with pillows
    • Supported stand
    • Fine motor
    • Equipment to avoid
  • 6
    5-6 months
    • Tummy time
    • Lying on back and pull to sit
    • Rolling
    • Rolling
    • Sitting
    • Sitting in box
    • Supported stand
    • Fine motor
    • Equipment to avoid
    • Example of play space
  • 7
    When to call a therapist
    • Flags
  • 8
    Postpartum depression/anxiety
    • What is it?
    • Do I have it?
    • Screening tool
    • Who do I call?
  • 9
    • Resources
    • Resources - downloadable
  • 10
    Thank you!
    • Join our Private Facebook Group!
    • Thank you and references
    • Survey

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